Hi my name is Daymon, and I was diagnosed with Burkitt's Leukemia. It happened so fast, it all started when I was having back pains. My mom was really worried when they were getting really bad so she took me to the emergency room in Richfield. The doctor there said that my back looked fine, but there was something in my blood called platelets and that they were very low. So that was why they were worried about me. I had to have 2 more blood tests, they did not look very good so my doctor decided that I should go see a Dr. Barnett who is an oncologist at Primary Children's Hospital. I was really scared and I was in allot of pain. They decided to do a bone marrow biopsy and it is what confirmed that I had the Burkitt's Leukemia. It's hard to understand why I have to be in here, but my mom and dad said it's the best hospital to be in. They told me my body is just really sick right now and it needs special treatments called chemo to make it better. I know that there are a lot of people praying for me that love me very much, and I know I will get better but it will be a while before that happens. So this will by my own journey.

Friday, April 15, 2011

mario party

Lets just say there is no way to put in words how wonderful Daymons birthday was! He had so much fun, there are so many emotions that came with the day. We were so happy for him to feel so good and be able to celebrate his 7th birthday. Its such a blessing that he is here and he is beating this disease! We just know that he will have many many more birthdays! His party was a Mario party, we had a stand up Mario and that was his favrite thing there. He could not have a friend birthday party so we just invited family and a couple close friends to share his day with us. Thanks everyone for making it so special for him!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Its hard to believe that we are on Daymons 7th round of chemo. He is a little anxious about it, but gets a little excited about the fact that after this next week he only has 2 more then he will be in remission!! He is doing so great!! I told Matt you would think they were giving him water! Ha ha, he has beaten about everybody here at Mario cart, and a few nurses have even gotten sprayed with silly string. Its so nice to have him happy and acting like the Daymon we know and love.  His counts are coming down fast but that is what always happens, so we know that he will soon not feel the best but what a blessing it is to have more good days than bad! We go home tomorrow on the 13th and he will turn 7 on Fri the 15th, so also blessed he will be home for his birthday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We have been home now for 3 days. Daymon did well through his last treatment. Right now the fun is starting, he is getting mouth sores, tummy pains, back pains and the list goes on. He is so brave! so tired of watching him go through this, but at the same time feeling so blessed that we live in a time where he can get the help he needs. He will need his transfusions by the end of the week but another blessing (and there are to many to even count) is that he gets to have a couple extra days home this round so when his counts come up it will be nice to have a solid week of feeling better. I'm hoping to post pics soon. Again we are so thankful for all the support and love from everyone! It helps to live in such a wonderful community that we do!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We have been home a week now, and its amazing how long the weeks feel when we are waiting for his blood counts to come up.  Daymon is doing OK. He has had Platelets and a red blood transfusion but he has been fevering.  Matt was in the Emergency room with him for 4 hours last night, his temp was 104 but since he is on an antibiotic they felt with all the sickness going around he would be safer at home. So if you know Daymon that was the best news ever!  It gets scary sometimes having him home, so much meds and always wondering if he is OK. He has his cute seance of humour, the other night he was laying by me and I kissed his head and told him "Daymon I'm going to miss this little bald head when your hair grows back" and he said "ya me to, its nice not having to wash my hair." ha ha he always has silly little things to say. Well we are hoping in the next few days he feels better and his counts start coming up before we are due back for his next round on the 14th. That sometimes is the hardest part, knowing he only has a couple good days then we start back over again.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daymon was on the news tonight. He was so brave and even talked!!! Him and Matt did so good, I am so proud of Daymon for being brave enough to leave the comfort of his hospital room and go down to be interviewed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3 of 5th round and so far Daymon is doing OK.  He has been having very high fevers of about 105 so kinda scary but that is just another wonderful side effect of the chemo.  Talked to our oncologist today and he said that the chemo is working great, so that is a good thing. We thank our Heavenly Father every night in our prayers for the blessing of living in a day that we have the medicines to cure our sweet boy. We are scheduled to go home Saturday, but as always if he fevers we are back in the hospital.

Monday, February 21, 2011

5th round

So hard to send Daymon off today for his 5th round of Chemo, He is so brave but still only a little 6 year old boy who cried as I held him just wanting to stay home. We just told him that we are at the top of that hill and after this week we get to start coming down, he has 9 rounds total so only 4 left after this week. He gained a little weight back and he is looking more healthy.  It was so nice to have him home for a full week, but sending him back was so hard, its something that we will never get use to.  We are so blessed and we know that our Heavenly Father is watching out for our sweet boy every day.