Hi my name is Daymon, and I was diagnosed with Burkitt's Leukemia. It happened so fast, it all started when I was having back pains. My mom was really worried when they were getting really bad so she took me to the emergency room in Richfield. The doctor there said that my back looked fine, but there was something in my blood called platelets and that they were very low. So that was why they were worried about me. I had to have 2 more blood tests, they did not look very good so my doctor decided that I should go see a Dr. Barnett who is an oncologist at Primary Children's Hospital. I was really scared and I was in allot of pain. They decided to do a bone marrow biopsy and it is what confirmed that I had the Burkitt's Leukemia. It's hard to understand why I have to be in here, but my mom and dad said it's the best hospital to be in. They told me my body is just really sick right now and it needs special treatments called chemo to make it better. I know that there are a lot of people praying for me that love me very much, and I know I will get better but it will be a while before that happens. So this will by my own journey.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


All I can say is I hope we never again have to spend christmas in a hospitol again! It was no fun, it was very hard on Daymon and our whole family.  We watched chritmas movies and tried to get in the spirit of the season but it really was not the same to have our family sepearated. Aunt Becky gave Daymon a tree for his room, and he made a Gingerbread house while we were there, but he was still very sad and we are just glad the month is over. The only smile we saw for over 3 weeks was when he opened a present from his uncle Kacey, it was a Dragon that he has been wanting.  Matt and I both shed many tears this last month but we shed alot more seeing our little boy have a small smile on his face.


  1. We know you will keep being tough Daymon. We pray for you many times a day and are fasting especially for you today. We wish you could have made it home for Christmas, but you have to do what it the best for you at the time. Thankful for PRMC. They are awesome and really know how to handle your problem. This experience will make you a much better man. We know Heavenly Father has great plans in store for you. We miss all of you and know Heavenly Father is blessing you. We love you all Lots.

  2. Kristi, Matt, and Daymon,

    You have our love and prayers!

  3. We love you guys so much we are so glad that Daymon could come home for a few days. I hope and pray that the next round will go a little easier. hang in there little buddy we love you.

  4. Hi Daymon and family! We are so glad you now have this blog so we can stay connected with you. So far we have only been able to hear how you are doing by talking to your Grandma Teresa. And she is really great about keeping us updated on your health situation. We were so happy to know that you we able to be home with your family for New Year's and now this week for a few days. We just heard a few minutes ago that you are really sick again. We want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers EVERY day, and every two weeks we put all of your names in the Bountiful Temple so more wonderful people can pray for all of you. We are so grateful for the terrific doctors, nurses, your parents, etc. that care for you. They are the BEST! They love you so much and are doing everything possible to help you get better; and you WILL get better! Just keep the faith with all of us who are praying for you, and you'll get through this little buddy! You are a very special servant of our Heavenly Father. Everyone is being taught great lessons through your experiences right now. Hang in there and be strong! We hope you feel better soon. WE LOVE YOU TONS! Uncle David, Aunt Sonia, and your cousin Cole Miller.