Hi my name is Daymon, and I was diagnosed with Burkitt's Leukemia. It happened so fast, it all started when I was having back pains. My mom was really worried when they were getting really bad so she took me to the emergency room in Richfield. The doctor there said that my back looked fine, but there was something in my blood called platelets and that they were very low. So that was why they were worried about me. I had to have 2 more blood tests, they did not look very good so my doctor decided that I should go see a Dr. Barnett who is an oncologist at Primary Children's Hospital. I was really scared and I was in allot of pain. They decided to do a bone marrow biopsy and it is what confirmed that I had the Burkitt's Leukemia. It's hard to understand why I have to be in here, but my mom and dad said it's the best hospital to be in. They told me my body is just really sick right now and it needs special treatments called chemo to make it better. I know that there are a lot of people praying for me that love me very much, and I know I will get better but it will be a while before that happens. So this will by my own journey.

Friday, April 15, 2011

mario party

Lets just say there is no way to put in words how wonderful Daymons birthday was! He had so much fun, there are so many emotions that came with the day. We were so happy for him to feel so good and be able to celebrate his 7th birthday. Its such a blessing that he is here and he is beating this disease! We just know that he will have many many more birthdays! His party was a Mario party, we had a stand up Mario and that was his favrite thing there. He could not have a friend birthday party so we just invited family and a couple close friends to share his day with us. Thanks everyone for making it so special for him!

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  1. Good luck for your last round Daymon! Love you so much bud.
    Uncle Brett